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Jonathan Club members all can visit either of its two world-class facilities, the Town Club and Beach Club, and experience and enjoy the works of art in the Club’s and JAF’s collections. In a way, these beautiful facilities are our art museums. But an important legal requirement for JAF that helps protect our 501(c)3 tax-exempt status is to have an active program of lending art to museums and institutions so the public can view, study and enjoy them just like Jonathans are able to do on a daily basis. Much time and effort goes into making sure the art we agree to lend is going to good temporary “homes,” that they are adequately insured, are transported by reputable and experienced movers, an

Honoring JAF Past President Dick Oxford

I thought we would go back in time this month and share the circumstances and the reasons for the founding of the Jonathan Art Foundation. In this trip down memory lane we also highlight a very dear and beloved member of the Jonathan Club as well as of the Jonathan Art Foundation (JAF). This special individual is Dick Oxford, and on February 26th JAF will hold its Past President’s reception and honor Dick as a JAF Past President for his many years of devoted work and support. Leading up to 1986, the Jonathan Club had assembled a significant amount of art through the gifting of members over the many years since its inception in 1895. It wasn’t until 1986 that the Jonathan Art Foundation was b

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