Peter Adams (b. 1950)

A fourth-generation Southern Californian, Peter Adams studied art at such local schools as Art Center College of Design and Otis Art Institute. In the 1960’s these schools were teaching modern and abstract art, and it was not until Adams attended the Lukits Academy of Fine Arts in Los Angeles that he found the traditional artistic training he had been seeking. Theodore Lukits honed his students’ skill on accurate drawing, followed by figure and still-life painting. In this way, they came to appreciate the oriental objects that they were rendering and also absorb Lukits’ unique color harmonies. Adams’s eyes awakened to things Asian, and for several years he pursued his craft in countries such as China and Afghanistan.


Since 1993, he has lived in Pasadena, where he has served as president of the California Art Club. Through his efforts and those of his wife Elaine, the CAC has grown to nearly 3,000 members, and all now enjoy recognition as part of the contemporary plein air/traditional painting movement.


Source: Art at the Jonathan Club, Jonathan Art Foundation

Sunset at Seal Rocks
Sunset at Seal Rocks

1997 Oil on board, 24 x 36 inches

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