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Your contribution and continuing support is greatly appreciated and helps:


  • Implement our Strategic Acquisition Plan to upgrade the quality, depth, and value of the Jonathan art collections with acquisitions of select paintings by important early California artists.

  • Enhance the ambience and the display of the art at the Jonathan Club through staging, selective reframing, and installation of state-of-the-art, energy-efficient lighting that will showcase the art.

  • Offer Circles of Support members an expanded series of educational and entertaining events including leading speakers, art-themed evenings, and private visits to major art exhibitions, galleries, artist studios, and prominent private collections.

  • Conserve, display and exhibit works from the Theodore Lukits collection entrusted by the late artist to the Jonathan Art Foundation.

  • Expand the awareness and historical relevance of the Jonathan collections through dissemination of our book Art at the Jonathan Club to major art organizations including schools, museums, libraries and colleges.


Circles of Support Membership Levels​​​

Collector’s Circle – Consists of donors interested in leaving a legacy through major gifts of art, endowment funds, sponsorship of specific acquisitions, or estate provisions or bequests.  To discuss possibilities, please contact us at


The Jonathan Art Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable foundation. Tax ID #95-4095291

Senior Partner’s Circle ($10,000 or more annually)


  • All benefits of the $5,000 Partner’s Circle level (see below) plus

  • (Senior Partner benefits to be announced)

Partner’s Circle ($5,000 annually)


  • All benefits of the $1,000 Ambassador’s Circle level (see below) plus

  • Personalized Docent Tour of selected art at the JC for you and 8 guests by a JAF docent.  Parking included (excludes meals and drinks).

  • Invitation to one additional exclusive event, such as a visit to an artist’s studio, viewing of a private collection or behind-the-scenes tour.

Ambassador’s Circle ($1,000 annually)

  • All benefits of the $500 President’s Circle level (see below) plus

  • Invitation to an exclusive event or program with an artist or special guest, or a visit with participating gallery or museum.

President's Circle ($500 annually)

  • First notification of limited attendance events including tours of prominent private art collections and working studios

  • Complimentary copy of the JAF book Art at the Jonathan Club 

  • Complimentary passes to the L.A. Art Show at the L.A. Convention Center

  • Front table seating if attending our Annual Gourmet Dinner and Auction

Director’s Circle ($300 annually)

  • Priority notification of selected limited attendance events including private tours of prominent private art collections and working studios

  • Complimentary copy of the JAF book Art at the Jonathan Club

  • Complimentary passes to the L.A. Art Show at the L.A. Convention Center

  • Close-up seating if attending our Annual Gourmet Dinner and Auction


2019 Circles of Support


Collector's Circle

Paul Chevalier

Robert B. Johnson Trust

Jane Lauman Trust

Richard Oxford

Elizabeth Van Denburgh

Senior Partner's Circle

Dale Harbour-Day

Judith Jenkins

Partner's Circle


Joe Baratta

Richard and Lynn Reitzell

Dana Roberts

Grafton Tanquary

Robert A. Waller Foundation

Ambassador's Circle

Joann Anderson


Robert Barbarowicz

Richard Colyear

Nancy Crawford

Michael Gaughan

Dan Gruen

Arlene Honbo

John O'Keefe

Kathleen Peck

William and Patsy Pinney

James Upchurch

Terry White

President's Circle

Jonathan Breakfast Club

JoAnn and Wade Bourne

Wendy Carson and Michael Lindsey

John Doty

Steve Drake

Grafton Harper

Mary and Matt Lawson

Julie and David Lee

K. John and Sharon Town Lee

John E. Raidy

Pamela P. Reis

George and Irene Stern

Jerre Lynn Vanier

Robert Woolway

Director's Circle

Alma and Mark Banuelos

Gerald Brommer

James F. Childs, Jr.

Lew Coppersmith

Jordan Kerner

Chip Lightfoot

Joseph Mazza

Stephen and Jill Petty

Stuart and Melita Riddle

William Rogers

Tom Safran

Bonny Schumacher

Richard and Nurit Sheehan

Sharon Shelton and John Mazziotta

Greg and Christine Thorpe


Patron's Circle

Lawrence C. Baker, Jr.

Justin Bose

Consider It Done By Kat

Justin and Mary Dedeaux

Debora and Eric Edmunds

William Emanuel

Gail Enderwood

Celia Hunt

Nancy Iredale

Kevin R. Joyce

Deke Keasbey

Mary Lane

John Lorick

Scott and Maude MacGillivray

Nat and Linda Read

Timothy and Vanessa Roettger

Thomas Rogers

Charissa and Paris Smith

Sally Sullivan

Patrick J. Wade, M.D.

Ronald and Jacqueline Weibust

Roy Weinstein

John Wellinger

Herb and Joan Young

Patron's Circle ($100 annually)

  • Invitation to all scheduled art events