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The Collections

Since its founding in 1895 in Downtown Los Angeles, the Jonathan Club houses a collection of paintings by the early California Impressionist masters. While caring for the Club's collection, the Jonathan Art Foundation has been building its own collection for over thirty years. Collectively, the two collections now contain a large number of works by California Impressionists, Tonalists and Regionalists, including Franz Bischoff, Anna Hills, Hanson Puthuff, William Keith, Edgar Payne, Granville Redmond, Guy Rose, Jack Wilkinson Smith, Elmer and Marion Wachtel, and William Wendt; contemporary works by Peter Alexander, Gerald Brommer and Robert Glenn Ketchum as a product of the Club's Resident Artist program; and hundreds of works from plein air artist and portraitist Theodore Lukits. 

To view the collections in person, please contact us at to arrange a complimentary docent tour.

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